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Meet Ana

Do everything as if you are doing it for the Lord ( Col 3:23-24 )


My life is a collection of my circumstances, my people, my choices and my God.


Today I get to experience the benefits, the rewards and the trials that come from my decisions and my actions.

Born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil, by an entrepreneur dad and a traditional mom, surrounded by an incredibly blessed family, I can say that my childhood and upbringing made me a rich woman, completely loved and cared for, sure of herself and confident in her abilities. I leaned early in life that God is my creator and my redeemer and I trusted Him with my life at the tender age of 9. 

With this world view and background, I moved to the Unites States in the late 80s, ready to conquer the world. 

While working and going to school, I met my love. We dated and married in a total of 11 months! As a College Basketball Coach, Ray's career moved us from state to state. We managed to grow our family by having 3 kids and raising them to be kind, to love Jesus, to honor God and to serve others. 

Today we enjoy the friendships and the rewards of love and admiration of many players, co-workers, friends and business partners who are still connected to us, after so many years. 

Ray's basketball career took us to 6 different states (​Texas, California, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Missouri ) and overseas to India. When it was time for him to semi-retire because of a Parkinson's disease diagnosis, we decided to move to Florida, where we now enjoy the sunshine and the cool breeze year round. 


Ana Farrell

Our family dynamics brought us to two life-changing decisions: homeschooling and entrepreneurship. These decisions afforded us the knowledge, experiences, freedom and lifestyle we enjoy today. 

In my articles, I share what I learned, what I love, what hurt me and what helped me. Join me in my journey! 

Now it is your turn! Message me to tell me about you.

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